Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm sorry for being so intolerant.

For a full apology, click here.  My I be forgiven for this huge character flaw against the peaceful and understanding religion of Islam. 


Big Shamu said...

Brilliant. Will you also be linking the many statistics of Christians killing other human beings? Or is it only atheists who pull the switches on the electric chairs?

Milk River Madman said...

Islam had murdered more people in the last year than all of the Spanish Inquistion. Are they still using electric chairs? If so, I'd love to throw the switch on a guilty man.

Islam is murdering innnocents Shamu. All in the name of religion. In the twenty-first century. Tell me where Christians are doing the same. Did Christians use violence in the past. Absolutely!! Look up how many people have been killed in Northern Ireland in the last 40 years and compare it to the last 5 for Islam. Hell, throw in everyone who has been executed in the US since it was founded. Get back to me on that.

I don't defend people who bomb abortion clinics either. It just that the left will look at those men and absolutely crucify them and blame the government for 9/11. Funny that.

moi said...

To me, this isn't about Christian versus Muslim. This is about right versus wrong.

So you both are slightly missing the point.

See my comment in yesterday's post. Basically, ALL religions are subversive, but in the United States, we have legal recourse against those abuses (which exist because its adherents are monsters, not because they are Jews, Christians, whatever).

By contrast, Islam is a way of life, a judicial system in and of itself, one that cannot flourish without violence to ensure its success. If you are a woman stoned to death because you had an affair, you have no legal recourse against this barbarism. If you choose to leave the religion, you will be outcast at best, killed at worst.

I'm supposed to be "tolerant" of this?

Milk River Madman said...

I don't think I was missing the point. I just didn't state it as clearly as I had intended. I could have spent more time doing that but chose instead to villify Islam and its chief supporter here in the US, Barack Obama.

As I stated, no where in my post do I say that Islam should not allowed in the US. I state quite clearly, or so I thought, that this isn't about freedom of religion. The mosque is in poor taste. Plain and simple.

The point of my post, which I typed more hastily than I cared to do, was that the left is crying foul and accusing people who oppose the mosque as opposing the practice of Islam (freedom of religion) when in fact that is not even close to the case. I never held Christianity up and said "this is the real God". I was only trying to show how liberals attack Christianity while they defend Islam at every turn. I want to know why, but then, the foundation of their ideology is hypocrosy so, they have that going for them.

Thank you though for being a great voice of reason. As always I should add.

Ralph said...

Please put me on the side of MRM, Pam Etc. What happens when these muslim extremeists get to practice their beliefs with the benefit of a nuclear weapon on their side. It is only a matter of time. God help us all.