Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lance Link dump 2/4/9

Lance Link

Our current President. Just the epitome of class. Too lazy to wear a tie. This guy is turning into a bigger puke every day. Oh yeah, if I ever see Matt Lauer, I'm going to hit him right square in the teeth. Just for drill. From CG

Another good article on how the stimulus package is just bullshit. From CG

Outtakes from the Etrade baby commercials from Holy Taco.

Hmm. Another chick wrecking on a pedal bike. If it has more than one wheel and a woman is driving it, it't better have an infant riding with their feet dangling 4 inches above the ground. HT

A great commercial redo for Mighty Putty. Rated R for strong language. HT

Could have used this advice, like 20 years ago. HT

Via CG, how to avoid procrastination. I finally got around to putting this on.,27753,24995008-5017672,00.html

President Teleprompter isn't fooling the Indian press. CG

Has Obama nominated anyone who has paid their taxes? I found this one all by myself. Yippee!

CG=Conservative Grapevine
HT=Holy Taco

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